Call for Papers


Next Generation Computing and Bioinformatics Approaches for Analyzing Life Science Data

  • Large-scale modelling and analysis methods
  • Protein structure, function prediction and sequence analysis
  • Protein interactions, docking and function
  • Computational proteomics and genomics
  • Gene regulation, expression, identification and network
  • Computational evolutionary biology
  • In-silico drug design and computer aided diagnosis
  • Imaging, instrumentation and sensors for model generation and identification
  • Experimental approaches for models validation
  • Information Technology applications to computational biology
  • Subject-specific and population-based modeling methods
  • Applications to diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, monitoring and rehabilitation
  • Data management and modelling tools
  • Emerging numerical methods and computational tools
  • Probabilistic and optimisation methods in bioengineering
  • Multiscale modelling and integrative research
  • Biological devices/Biosensors and Molecular Diagnostics
  • High-performance computational systems biology and parallel implementations
  • Inference from high-throughput experimental data
  • Model integration from biological databases
  • Data aquisition, normalization, analysis and visualization
  • Algorithms, models, software, and tools in Bioinformatics
  • Any novel approaches to bioinformatics problems
  • Synthetic biology

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