Data presentation and persuasion are among the top ten most in-demand skills, according to LinkedIn. Data visualization is truly important for any career; from teachers trying to make sense of student test results to computer scientists trying to develop the next big thing in artificial intelligence, it’s hard to imagine a field where people don’t need to better understand data. Whether you work in finance, marketing, tech, education, HR, medical, or anything else, you need to visualize data. In this regard, The Department of Statistics at the Virtual University of Pakistan is going to organize an online workshop on Data Visualization Skills.
In this workshop, the participants will use R Software and its packages ggplot2 and Tidyverse which have become the standard plotting packages for data visualization.

Key learnings:

The webinar aims to provide an opportunity:

  • Basic principles of data visualization
  • Main component of Tidyverse
  • Handon practice on ggplot and ggplot2

By the end of this training, you’ll have the skills on Tidyverse, and these packages are designed to work well together, are well thought through, and nice to use. They can make your data analysis process significantly easier and quicker than using base R alone.

Virtual University of Pakistan
Sir Syed Memorial Society Building,
19-Ataturk Avenue, G-5/1, Islamabad