International Online Conference on Future Trends in E-Learning and Collaborative Working
Covid-19: Learning and working while staying home
June 16-17, 2020

Virtual conferencing may prove to be an effective and low-cost approach for knowledge sharing and conveying methods and technologies for learning and working at homes especially during a pandemic situation which otherwise would be very difficult. Unlike conventional conferences, online conferencing allows the involvement of a large number of participants who would otherwise be unable to participate in events of this breadth owing to (1) limited travel fellowships; (2) lack of time to travel to distant conference locations; (3) insufficient accommodation and subsistence funds and lastly (4) restriction on moving out of the homes especial during a pandemic like COVID-19. These factors apply in general to student community and especially to the target audiences who work in government offices and facing difficulty to work while staying at home. Minimizing the requirement to travel also means that the availability of invited speakers is greatly increased, improving the chances of attracting highly relevant and high-impact presenters.

At present, Covid-19 pandemic is the foremost health crisis. Everyone must maintain a social distancing and staying in their houses as much as they can. Due to which almost every country including Pakistan decided to close their educational institutes and offices. Worldwide, over 500 million students and employees are having a disruption in their education and work because of the Covid-19 pandemic. To survive in such situation online learning and working is a major need. Before that no educational institute or organization is faced any such big disruption because of that no one was completely ready to provide learning and working at home. Virtual university of Pakistan (VUP) being the first leading university provides complete virtual education by using internet and free-to-air satellite television broadcasts to students irrespective of their geographic location. University provides a complete student-teacher interaction and support through the LMS (Learning Management System). In concern of all this, VUP proposes a virtual conference on the future trends and needs of the online learning and working while staying home. VUP has a vast experience and expertise on arranging online events. This conference will provide a useful forum for participants to exchange their ideas and experiences on how to overcome difficulties during a pandemic. Participants of this conference will have an opportunity for developing and renewing social networks that may lead to extended collaboration in e-Learning among individuals and institutions.

The objectives of the conference are as under:

  • Share knowledge and experience of learning and working during special circumstances like COVID-19.
  • Share role of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing in infectious disease surveillance
  • Share role artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing and social media in online learning and working
  • Share future trends in ICT development for online learning and working